Exhibition Trusses

Experience movement

Video: Exhibition trusses as an exhibition stand

Video: Exhibition trusses as a counter

Exhibition Trusses

The intelligent system

Exhibition trusses combine functionality and design in a unique way: The modern system consists of an aluminium core which is encased in black or white plastic. This material combination ensures the optimum stability with a very light weight.

The simple connection system is completed with a metal screw and guarantees comfortable and completely tool-free assembly and disassembly of the system. Intelligent technology which will impress you.

Exhibition Trusses

So simple. So flexible.

As simple as a building block: The truss elements are available in various lengths and strengths and can be combined flexibly, rebuilt or remodelled. Ideal if you would like to set up your exhibition stand in various ways.

The cubes connect the individual truss elements exactly the way you want it. Square, practical, great.

Your advantages at a glance

Simple assembly

The individual truss elements can be put together like child’s play and fixed together with a hand screw. You require neither tools nor trained personnel to put together your exhibition stand.

Flexible construction options

You aren’t just able to put together your completely unique desired exhibition stand from exhibition trusses – you can also combine these in infinitely new ways, add accessories or reduce or expand it depending on the event.

Easy transportation

The low weight of the truss system turns transportation into a stress-free matter. The individual modules can be transported without a problem in personal cars or vans, depending on the size of the exhibition stand.

Brilliant printing & B1 certification

The 4-colour print on display special fabric is applied with a fixing strip and clip system to the truss modules. The motif can thus be changed with just a few hand movements. All materials are naturally B1-certified.

Exhibition trusses – Flexible. Mobile. Simple.